Sponsorship Opportunities


  • Seeking a 4 year “national title sponsor” relationship….that builds impact and visibility leading to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Other sponsorship category choices are listed below
  • Active involvement and influence over all aspects of the program, reach, media engagement and community selections
  • Vast activation potential – – access to more than 300 athletes, 10,000 schools, 35 metro markets, 3000 running clubs, thousands of road race events, 150,000 USA Track & Field members and millions of children & their parents through face-to-face, Skype, and virtual means
  • Highlight athletes, RWUS! and/or  USATF Foundation in media events and press releases, on trading cards, posters, wristbands, t-shirts, teacher & parent newsletters, health information take-home materials
  • In collaboration with the national title sponsor we will seek local and national media engagement including PSAs, CEO messages, Nightly news features, Athlete and child “up close and personal” vignettes, Political leader appearances at school launches and TV commercials
  • Capitalize on the halo of the Olympic brand and the patriotic halo of the Olympic ideals (without violating the proprietary Olympic brand)
  • Olympic caliber Track & Field athletes have home/training bases in all corners of the USA. Some will gain national and international exposure from their London Olympics’ performances. Most have gained a measure of celebrity in their own local communities
  • Athletes bring the media attention, attract corporations and community business partners, community and state public officials and help win over school district leaders, and engage teachers…..along with inspiring the kids

Sponsor benefit examples:

  • Community activations throughout the USA
  • Community, parent, and media visibility and brand attachment to:
    • Improving the lives of America’s youth
    • Supporting TEAM USA Olympians
    • Health & Wellness
  • Olympian and aspiring Olympian athlete engagement in company business, foundation and employee events
  • Community activation tied to company executives, employees, customers and product venues

Sponsorship Categories:

Leadership Sponsor – 3 levels:

  • Nation-wide title sponsor
  • Regional/Community sponsor – variable based on scope
  • “Adopt a School” sponsor

Curriculum Sponsor

  • Naming rights to a program element (e.g. Nutrition, Parent/Award Celebration)
  • Provide Branded Give-Aways  (t-shirts, medals, etc.)

Athlete Sponsor

  • Sponsor an athlete’s participation in our program and engage in company brand-building

Celebrity Sponsor

  • Sponsor a Hollywood celebrity’s involvement in promoting our program, engaging media, and school appearances

Promotional Sponsor

  • Cause-Marketing  – – X % of product sales go to our program

New Media Sponsor

  • Web initiatives: Social Networking, Blogs, Webinars, YouTube vignettes, Fitness Tracking, etc.

One Day Event Sponsor

  • Engage kids with programming at a sports event, Employee Retreat with families, Relay across a community, Health Fair, etc.

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